Monday, November 14, 2011

Holding Steady...

Still going strong!!!

I'm still holding steady at  7 pounds down since October 17th, so what that means to me is that I have not yo-yo'd at all in almost a month!  This is a huge accomplishment for me.  I credit my new way of eating, 100%.  I'm following the Four Basic Diet Rules RELIGIOUSLY, every day.  I don't eat unless I'm TRULY hungry.  That means, at the first sign of hunger, I don't stuff my face - I drink some ice water, a cup of tea, or I simply wait a little while before feeding myself.  When I do this, a LOT of times, what I thought was hunger simply vanishes.

I now always eat consciously, never while driving, never in front of the computer or t.v., never while multi-tasking.  I make every meal and snack an event all its own.  I SIT DOWN, take a little time with meal prep and presentation, and eat as slowly as I can - enjoying every bite.  I stick to single servings of single foods, and I've all but eliminated huge sit-down dinners with three courses, bread, and dessert.  They're not even missed!

I eat whatever I want - not what I "think I should" - but within reason.  I don't pig out anymore.  I am limiting my sugar drastically, and not wolfing entire boxes of Lifesaver Gummies or Good & Plenty when we watch a movie at home anymore.  I'm not snarfing ice cream with Hershey syrup every time my husband eats a little bowl.  I'm not eating entire bags of buttery microwave popcorn.  I'm not sucking down glasses of sangria whenever I feel like it.  I'm not eating second helpings of ANYTHING, and I'm trying my absolute hardest to AVOID ALL WHEAT.  I bought the "Wheat Belly Diet" book for my Nook.  I haven't had time to start reading it yet - but I will ASAP.  When I don't eat ANY wheat for a couple days straight, not only do I drop pounds, EVERY time, but I also end up having the most ridiculous energy I've ever experienced.  Wheat has been clogging me up and slowing me down!!!

And finally, I am putting down my fork as soon as I start feeling a little bit full.  I am not clearing my plate every time I eat - I save my leftovers, and eat them for a snack later.  I've NEVER done this!  Now, when I'm full, I STOP - get up - and walk away.  This is probably the most important new "tactic" I have.  I feel empowered that I am able to do this now!  I am re-training myself, one day at a time.  I eat completely differently than I did just one month ago.

My biggest challenge continues to be restaurants.  SO many of them just don't have anything on them that fits into my new plan!  I mean, come on - I can only eat so many side salads and cups of vegetable soup!  I have found a few places that are "me" friendly, though, and I will continue to go there when possible!  

I have set my latest goals and they look like this:

I want to be down to 139 pounds by November 30th.  This morning I weighed 146.5.  Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is next Thursday.  I will have to be diligent and stick to my guns to avoid eating all next week, like I have in years past.  I will eat according to my new plan every day until we get together for the Big Turkey Meal with family.  And then, I'll keep sticking to it!  I can do this!  I have 16 days to lose 7.5 pounds.  NO PROBLEM!

My additional goal is that I want to lose my final 14 pounds during the month of December.  I do realize that this is a lofty goal.  I know how hard it is to be good during the holidays.  But I'm still going to try!

If it takes me until sometime in January to reach my final goal (125 pounds), so be it - I WILL NOT let any lack of success get me down this time.  Never again!  I am focused on the finish line now, and I can almost taste success!  It will be SWEET!

Here are a few of my new faves:

My new fave flavor - key lime!

Vegetarian - tofu protein!
LOVE this brand!
I have to fight my toddler for these!    LOL
Delicious in my new hummus!
New fave green tea flavor!
Don't laugh - these are sweet, no-wheat, and FOUR of them contain only 35 calories!