Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, 9/23/10:

WEIGHT before eating today:  157.5

Daily Calorie Goal:  1200 or less
Total calories eaten today:  1165  (Better!)

Thursday was a bit easier with the calorie-counting, especially after waking up nauseous from the Wednesday-night pig-out.  I felt sick all Thursday morning.  I barely felt like eating anything Thursday, at least until around 3:00 p.m.  I had one of my favorite frozen meals, which is one from the "Amy's Kitchen" brand, called "mattar paneer."  It's SO tasty.  I highly recommend any of Amy's entrees.  They're all organic, and I'm full for several hours every time I eat one!  This is my favorite:

Obviously, there are a "few" other foods that I can't live without, in addition to occasionally relying on Amy's Kitchen or some other brand to do my calorie-counting for me.  Here are a few, and I'll post more as I think of them all:

Venison tenderloin, on the grill or sauteed in garlic, mmmmmmm.  Low-fat & low-calorie.
Could not live without this.  Soy-based and zero calories.  I eat very little real butter anymore, thanks to this.

Eggs.  No-brainer for protein - and only 65 calories each!
The next food I'll be trying, with fresh fruit thrown in.  I haven't found a good local brand yet.
This brand tastes great in a cup of milk with a couple ice cubes blended in for thickness.
Two tablespoons, 180 calories = hunger put on hold for awhile.
My favorite fruit.  1 cup of raspberries contains only 64 calories!
Actor Ryan Reynolds eats cooked, steel-cut oats every morning to stay in shape.  They're chewy, but VERY filling!
Yeah, it's processed, but it's also protein, and oh-so-yummy... and 35 calories per slice.
Slim Fast shakes DO suppress hunger.  They're my "go-to meal" when I have zero time to prepare something.
Almonds kill hunger, and are good for you, too!
When I want to feel full but not eat something heavy, a cup of hot chicken broth only has 5 calories!
Another delicious "Amy's Kitchen" entree!
I try to eat one apple EVERY day - only 90 calories!
Once in awhile, beef jerky is a favorite treat.
LOVE steamed cauliflower, with "Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray!  
My all-time favorite veggie.  With spray butter and a little salt.

LOVE this dip on mini carrots, mixed with fat-free sour cream - as well as the new "Harvest Dill" flavor!
Can't live without hot lemon-flavored green tea.  With a teaspoon or two of sugar.
It might sound boring or cliched, but Jello is the perfect "sweet treat" when dieting.
Stole these from my toddler!  Only 20 calories for two biscuits.  (These kill a sugar craving!)
I eat these sweet onions raw on salads, I cook them with everything, I love them with anything.
The only thing we put on cooked oatmeal!  50 calories per tablespoon.  VERY sweet, but pure & natural.
Perfect snack!  14 carrots contain only 35 calories.  (Before the fat-free dip!)

I have many more food "weapons" in my arsenal.  Those pictured above are some I can't live without, when trying to lose pounds...  More to come!

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