Monday, September 20, 2010

So It Begins: D-Day

TIME TO GET STARTED!!!  (Finally.)

For anyone out there who's wondering why I didn't start this blog two days ago, like I planned to, I have an excuse:  I was too busy eating to post.  Which reminds me, I think I should run a contest right off the bat, inspired by something I was eating on Saturday.  I'm not inspired enough to do something as cool as give out a prize to the winner, but I'd still be interested to see if anyone guesses correctly.  So here goes:  What is this a picture of?  (And my family members better not spill the beans!   LOL)

 I'll give a few hints...  I was sitting in the garage, manning our rummage sale.  I was hungry.  (It was 9:00 a.m., after all!)  I decided to be "good" and count out a single serving of one of my favorite snacks, and arranged my little pile in the middle of a piece of paper.  There were 35 pieces.  The resulting grease-blot is pictured above.  DISGUSTING!!!  Any guesses on the snack?

OK.  So, I digress.

This happens to be my first blog entry, in my first blog ever - so I've got to be honest with you, I'm not entirely sure what to write.  I don't really expect other people to read this stuff, but I'm writing it for a completely selfish reason anyway - this blog is my ACCOUNTABILITY, you see.  It represents my arrival, at long last, at my WIT'S EFFING END.  Blunt, and to the point.  That's me.

The nutshell:  My baby is now two.  Time for me to stop referring to the 35 extra pounds I'm still carrying as "post-pregnancy weight."  Yeah, WHATEVER!  More accurately, it's "two years of me sitting on my 37-pound-padded butt" weight.  I've run out of excuses about why I haven't lost this weight yet, not that I've been spouting many.  I weighed 122 pounds when I got pregnant.  Chris & I had been married for, oh, a whopping THREE WEEKS.  I had spent more than a year sweating and starving myself to fit into my teeny little wedding dress, and three weeks after the Big Day, I'm PREGNANT?!  My fat cells rejoiced, I can tell you that.

I don't feel like I gorged during my pregnancy.  However, the day baby arrived, I weighed 181 pounds.  Yes, I've done the math.  I gained 59 pounds during my pregnancy, had a 8-pound-14-ounce baby, (GOOD GRIEF!) and two years later, have only lost 22 pounds of "post-pregnancy" weight.  I have 37 pounds to lose, if I want to fit into my old clothes - which I DO.

I know it's not impossible.  I've done this before; I know HOW to do this.  I got to this same breaking point two years after my first daughter was born - and I lost almost 40 pounds, fairly quickly, once I did a bunch of research on dieting.  I tried a bunch of different things, and tweaked my eating and did a little exercising, and eventually I hit the jackpot with a plan that was perfectly fine-tuned for me and my life.  Once I figured it out, it was EASY to lose the weight.  I intend to follow the same plan now, starting today.  I'll share all of my information and progress in this blog.  However - please do NOT mistake my words for any kind of professional information.  I'll give credit where it's due whenever possible, but at the end of the day, this blog is really just about what I ate that day, whether or not I managed to haul myself onto the treadmill or elliptical machine, and whether or not I lost any pounds by the end of each week.  Nothing very earth-shattering, I can assure you.  But I do promise to be 100%, brutally, embarrassingly honest about my journey.  "Kristin's Pain, Suffering, and Daily Self-Torture," for your reading enjoyment!

I'm hoping to post every Monday evening, and I'll try to include relevant pictures whenever possible.  Which brings me to the end of my first blog post, as well as to the very first, absolutely MOST relevant pictures of all:  The BEGINNING! 
This is me on Day 1.  Notice how miserable I look.

This is my scale this morning.  I HATE my scale.


  1. Yay! A new blog to read! Maybe I'll try your diet with you. I don't know if I have the motivation just yet, but we'll see. I think your before pic looks pretty cute. I haven't weighed myself in several weeks (months) and I'm afraid, very afraid. Good luck with the dieting and the blog! I'll be following!

  2. Well I just looked at the pictures that got posted from Justin's brother's wedding last weekend, and I was on the edges of a few. GROTESQUE! I need to do something...