Monday, October 18, 2010

Wednesday, 10/13/10:

WEIGHT before eating today:  158.0

Daily Calorie Goal:  1200 or less 
Total calories eaten today:  Over 2000  (Mommy-daughter feast at India Palace... Mmmmmmm...)

I'm actually doing pretty well this week, despite what my calorie intake suggests.  I read once somewhere that "if you improve the quality of your food, the quantity doesn't matter anywhere near as much."  One thing I do have going for me is the fact that for the most part, I don't eat much crap food.  There is sometimes the odd unhealthy snack, but I especially avoid fast food, and I completely skip anything greasy.  Those two things alone help me a LOT.

I've been reading and thinking more about organic foods, and wondering whether I should be switching to organic-only produce.  I hate to admit it, but I'm the kind of food shopper who appreciates and enjoys the kind of convenience I get at our Super HellMart.  Who wouldn't love being able to buy their fresh asparagus a few short aisles away from their cat litter?  You get my point; I can pick up our groceries and our household stuff all at once; ONE stop, ONE time dragging baby out of the car and into a shopping cart, ONE load of bags into the car, and the same load removed from the car at home.  Quick, simple, over and done with.  


I know that the quality isn't there, when compared to organic produce and other foods.  I've read enough to know the benefits.  I would love to be able to feed my family nothing but organic stuff.  But if you ask me right now whether I could possibly figure out a way to fit a weekly trip to the Whole Foods Co-op into my current schedule, my answer, sadly, would be something like "when pigs fly."

I don't have any free time.  I don't have an extra hour to go to the Whole Foods Co-op right now.  I know, I know, I KNOW, it's all about "making time," and "making it a priority."  BULL.  The spare minutes STILL have to exist.  Ask Stephen Hawking; he'll tell you!  You cannot create time where none exists.  So BLAH.

Anyway, the teenager and I pigged out on Indian food at 6:00 tonight and it was FABULOUS, as always.  We've been coming to the same restaurant since she was little, and we love it.  India Palace food is to die for!  Vegetable samosas, tamarind chutney, basmati rice, plain naan, navratan korma, spiced hot chai, and kheer.  PERFECT!!!  We ended our Mommy-daughter evening at the mall for an hour of low-stress t-shirt shopping, but (thankfully) we were too stuffed for Pretzel Time pretzel bites tonight.  GLORY HALLELUIA!!!  Another 1000 calories saved. 

Veggie samosas are stuffed with potatoes, peas, and spices.  Delicious with tamarind chutney!

Plain naan is SO tasty!
"Navratan korma" literally means "nine vegetables."  PERFECT!
Kheer is a delicious rice pudding garnished with almonds and sometimes raisins.
I wish I could find basmati rice locally in a 10-pound bag!


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