Friday, October 22, 2010

Your answer to: "How Do I Comment On Your Posts Without Signing Up For a Google Account?!"

It's EASY! 

I welcome your comments to my crazy blog, and I actually check it every day to see if anyone has left me one!  Your opinions are very helpful and valuable to me!!!

Some people have emailed me and said, "I didn't leave you a comment because I don't want to sign up for a Google Account; I don't have time!"

You don't have to.  You can leave a comment in seconds, by doing this:

At the bottom of a post, you'll see this:


Click on it.

Then, you'll see this:

Sign out

Click the drop-down arrow and select "OpenID." 

Type only your name (or any name you want to use) in the box and click "Continue."

Then just type your comment, and then you either preview what you typed, or click "Post Comment." 

Super quick and easy!  Just email me if you have any problems or questions.

Thanks!  ~


  1. Okay, I'm sitting here feeling old and fat and lazy. I was playing with my daughter today and got a charlie horse in my butt from crawling on the floor. I need to get in shape, so I'm going on your diet with you. Mostly I want to make myself exercise. I don't mind it once I get into it. It's just so boring. But I like feeling better.

    First step, start exercising regularly. Second step, keep track of what I eat. Third step, become a super model before it's too late. (jk)

  2. YAY! A fellow masochist. The exercising is the part I hate THE MOST. I always feel better after I walk on the treadmill, which annoys me. It's a Big Fat "I told you so" from anyone who ever told me I'd feel better just moving a little bit. They were right, damnit. I also "noticed" the other day that if I get on the treadmill when I'm hungry, by the time I climb off 45 minutes later my hunger pangs are gone. Hmmm. Interesting. And my hunger stays gone for hours afterward, too. Even weirder. Is this telling me I'm simply supposed to exercise instead of eating when I feel hungry? Because if I could just make THAT one happen, I'd weight @#$*^ TWELVE POUNDS!!!